29th March 2017

Senior Management Team

“Our Values – Integrity, Equality, Experienced, Supportive and Innovation”

Global Chief Executive Director: Andy Coney

Executive director and also co-founder of WDS International with bases in the UK, USA and Asia, he has extensive experience in commercial development and technical design of wireless networks. He is a consultant and speaker to major telecoms, ISPs, homeland security and public transport sector on technologies including 4G, WiMAX, Mesh Networks and RFID. He has acted as a business angel for start up wireless and software companies in Europe and his strategic approach is to fast track the niche areas of the wireless sector where other companies find it difficult to compete on knowledge, innovation and value for money services. A member of the IEEE and founding contributor in the steering group, IEEE Mesh Networking Standard (known now as IEEE 802.11s)

Global Operations Executive Director: Andrew Ramshaw

Executive director and co-founder of WDS International, he is a seasoned wireless professional with more than 18 years experience in designing and building leading edge wireless networks in Europe and Asia and a business angel in start up technology companies. Andrew co-founded the pioneering Meshhopper WiFi network company in the UK whose technology has been used by many tier one telecoms and ISPs around the globe. Having majored in electrical and electronic engineering and a master craftsman in alloy and metallurgy, he has been the driving force behind the product development in WDSI portfolio for both consumer, industrial and security based wireless products. He has more recently successfully developed homeland security products for customers including Boeing and Indian Rail Disaster Recovery.